A list of concert-length pieces for solo violin.
Please contact me with additions or corrections.


Claude Loyola Allgen: sonata for violin solo

Antoine Beuger: calme etendue
Antoine Beuger: ce qui passe

Erik Carlson: selections from solo recitals

Madison Greenstone: A Long Ascent

Radu Malfatti: ins ruhende

Michael Oesterle: l'hiver monastique

Hans Otte: Alltagsmusik

Michael Pisaro: mind is moving (II)
Michael Pisaro: time, presence, movement

Boguslaw Schaeffer: Variazioni senza tema

Burkhard Schlothauer: auf streichen

Kunsu Shim: expanding space in limited time
Kunsu Shim: EACH
Kunsu Shim: two places

Anton Svetlichny: 100000 notes

Andrew Tholl: i'll never be younger than I am today

Andrew Violette: Sonata

James Weeks: Windfell

Manfred Werder: violine 1997

Walter Zimmerman: Die Sorge geht uber den Fluss