I'm organizing weekly informal gatherings to perform musical works with the following qualities:

-can be played by any number of players (including 1)
-can be played for for any duration
-can be played with (but does not necessarily demand) no more than $1 worth of equipment per person

Please join us if you are free and interested.
Also please contact me if you have a score of your own or someone else's to suggest.

Next performance:

Alison Knowles: Shoes of your choice
Thursday, October 26, 2:00pm. Room 333, CPMC, UCSD.

Previous performances:

Christian Wolff: Looking North
Thursday, October 19, 2:00pm. Room 333, CPMC, UCSD.

Eva-Maria Houben: deoksugung II
Thursday, October 12, 2:00pm. Room 333, CPMC, UCSD.

Carolyn Chen: In 1839 it was considered elegant to take a tortoise out walking
Thursday, October 5, 2:00pm. Room 333, CPMC, UCSD.