Erik Carlson

personal recording projects

most tracks available on bandcamp

Peter Ablinger Augmented Study
Milton Babbitt Assorted tracks
Antoine Beuger Things Happen (for violin solo and orchestra)
Erik Carlson for 12 violins (link)
Larua Cetilia rising, for erik
Aldo Clementi Second Violin Concerto
Sara Cubarsi 8-Part Intonation Study
D. Edward Davis lens
D. Edward Davis slip
Freeman Edwards For Violin
Nomi Epstein collections for Erik
Jürg Frey A Memory of Perfection
Jürg Frey Distant Colors
Jürg Frey Orchester 2
Jürg Frey wen III
Eva-Maria Houben hazy horizons
Eva-Maria Houben ein-tönig
Eva-Maria Houben duo II
Eva-Maria Houben janela. ein fenster - für zwei
Eva-Maria Houben les tres belles heures (link)
Eva-Maria Houben Nothing More
Juste Janulyte Psalms
Zoltán Jeney Százéves átlag
Zoltán Jeney something round
Matthias Kranebitter Pitch Study no. 1 / contra violin
Johannes Kreidler Der Herbst des Einsamen
Catherine Lamb middle/moving
Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard Study of the Major Third (No. 1)
John Lely Doubles
Keeril Makan mu
Rytis Mazulis The Sleep
Christopher Otto Violin Duo
Else Marie Pade Afsnit I
David Saperstein Composition for violin and tape
Dieter Schnebel Stücke
Stefan Streich Dramatische Studie Nr. 3
Christine Tavolacci pale
Manfred Werder violine violoncello klavier
Manfred Werder 2003 (link)
Anton Webern Variations of the Concerto op 24 (link)
Tyler Wilcox Two Violins


other albums

Clara de Asis Without (link)
Aldo Clementi Complete String Quartets (link)
Morton Feldman for John Cage (link)
Jurg Frey Ephemeral Constructions / Circular Music #7 (link)
Matt Sargent Tide (link)
Craig Shepard On Foot Brooklyn (link)
Charles Wuorinen 11 Short Pieces for Violin and Vibraphone (link)
Iannis Xenakis Ensemble Works (link)
La Monte Young Trio for Strings (link)