A list of works for solo violin and sine waves.
Please contact me with additions or corrections.


D. Edward Davis: conception/perception

John Eagle: tuning #3 (first position)

Morgan Evans-Weiler: Chorus 1
Morgan Evans-Weiler: Permutations 1
Morgan Evans-Weiler: Chorus 2

Randy Gibson: Nine Minutes of The Four Pillars

Christoph Korn: two, disappearing

Catherine Lamb: middle/moving (version for violin)

Alvin Lucier: Still and Moving Lines of Silence in Families of Hyperbolas
Alvin Lucier: Violynn

David McIntire: Drifts 2 (version for violin)

Christopher Otto: Ductually Crossible Flassionallion

Taylan Susam: for andre o. moller (for any instrument)

Anthony Vine: In Memoriam: Pauline Oliveros

Tashi Wada: Gradient

Scott Worthington: Or Bitter Wren Sing