Selected Projects

Listening to N vibrations

An audio-only clock of me continuously writing the time

Performances of a single sound repeated an increasing number of times

Musical lipograms

Performances with other performer/composers

Recitals of patterns

Interval listening sessions

Podcast: 100 clicks in 10 minutes

Podcast: One second randomly recorded in my living room

Annual Evening of Jurg Frey String Quartets 2015 2016 2017

La Jolla Dodecaphic Society

early (or earliest) instances of harmonies with 6 or more pitches

Eroica opening chords

Listening to every Haydn minuet

stone mute

Biber mystery sonatas with sine tone continuo

recreating pieces with measures from other pieces

List of 12-tone solo violin works

List of concert-length solo violin works

List of works for violin and sine tones

New York Miniaturist Ensemble

Podcast: Reordered samples of a recording of her saying my name

Podcast: Sonification of mathematical equations

Kirnberger IV

Gathering to perform open-instrumentation / open-duration works

Gatherings to listen at interesting locations

ep9m: an audio rpg

slow SD festival