Erik Carlson, composer

Selected Works

piano trio score
4th string trio score
8th string sextet score
500 3-limit chords for string quartet score
53rd string quartet score
52nd string quartet score
50th string quartet score
41st string quartet link
38th string quartet score
37th string quartet link
5th string quartet score
third podcast link
Alphabetized Winterreise score
At C: an opera score
for any player and speaker score
23rd piece for piano score
13th piece for piano score
10th piece for piano score
5th piece for piano score
The keys of Brahms's works score
for 2 laptops score
3rd piece for 2 pianos score
clock link
third podcast link
N vibrations link
+1 Dreamhouse score
first installation score
percussion quartet score
for 1 to 6 players score
series for any solo players link
Series of performances for any number of people link